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My point is, sometimes when we’re out in a new neighborhood or walking home late to our car, we won’t hold hands.Some people out there are afraid of what’s different, and sometimes they want to hurt people like Stef and me. So, every time we’re out and I want to hold Stef’s hand, but I decide not to? I get mad. I’m mad at the people who might want to hurt us, but mad at myself, too, for not standing up to them.

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So, anything new and exciting in your world? Made any friends? Well, there is this one boy. His name is Connor, and we have math class together. I don’t know, he’s pretty cool.

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I really like stana’s new hair cut. I wasn’t really fond of the long and curly hair she had during season 4 and season 5 in the sense it was too much “Femme Fatale” and Hollywood for Beckett (even if the hairporn part was enjoyable of course).
This new hair cut reminds me of the end of season 2 and beginning of season 3. I really liked her hair at that time. 

Question: So inquiring minds want to know —how will Kate respond to Rick’s proposal on Castle? —Rita
Sources confirm to me exclusively that she will say yes… or no… or something in between. Molly Quinn (Alexis) is pulling for a yes, arguing, “Castle is the best man out there and absolutely loves her and is devoted to her.” Should an engagement and wedding come to pass, don’t expect a certain three-letter word to ever come out of Alexis’ mouth. “I don’t think that Alexis will ever see her as a stepmom because a stepmother has authority,” explains Quinn. “There’s no way that Alexis would be OK with that. She’s used to running the house. And not even her dad has that much authority. So she would see Beckett as an equal and she would totally appreciate [her]. But I don’t even think Beckett would ever try to [parent]. Alexis is an adult now. She’s 20. If this had happened when Alexis was 16, that would have been a totally different story. I’m very glad that it didn’t happen because that would have been a lot of rebellion and a lot of trouble.


Does Molly really knows her character ? 
Alexis at 16 was a really cool kid, she was fun, absolutely not in a rebellion phase, she loved Kate and she was even her confident ! Everytime her father was with a new woman she was always pretty cool about it, not trying to mark her territory or to “run the house”.

Sometimes I feel like Molly speaks too much for herself and not for Alexis. She express her own opinion ignoring everything about her own character. That’s lame.

This just became one of my favorite Castle’s Fanvid ever.

Jim and Castle saying “You’re afraid” at the same time *Feels*

[Episode Recap] 1.5 out of 5 stars. (1 of those stars is just because I have on my comfy sweats so I’m feeling generous.)


You know this is going to be a rough recap when the thing I loved most about the episode was everything involving Esposito.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you ! Reading my dash, seing everyone like “Oh my god finally ! It was perfect”, I was starting to wonder If I was a weird alien coming from another planet ! 

Your review pretty much sums up everything I thought about that episode and about season 5 (and your story about the Black Plague made me laugh so hard ! I needed it so thanx ^^)

Nothing feels organic anymore…

(Sorry by advance for my poor English // A tired french girl).

That’s quite sad to admit, but this is really how I feel three days before the final of season 5.

I’ve been a huge fan of Castle since may 2011. I ran into the show the night “To Love and Die in LA” was airing (not a bad episode to start with right ?) and since then I’ve been so much involved…It was almost insane sometimes.

I’ve wrote fanfics, I’ve made videos, I spent hours on Photoshop, trying to illustrate with some brushs, lights and inspired quotes the way these characters made me feel inside. 

I’ve loved a lot of TV Shows over the years, but I’d never been into one like this. And I think one of the major reason why I “fell so much in love” with this show was it’s organic writing. 

We all kinda grew up with television, we know how these things work. In order to maintain the audience attention, showrunners always need to play with our feelings, with their characters. You sometimes feel betrayed by the show you love so much just because they feel the need to ruin everything to make you come back next september.

With Castle there was nothing like that. What I loved the most was the fact I never felt cheated off by some poor writing. The characters were always acting the way they were supposed to and I sometimes forgot they were just fictional.

We’ve waited four years before Caskett become canon. But the wait was worthwhile because everything felt organic, they created so much more than “a simple love story” between those two…All those things they shared during the first 4 seasons, how they learnt to make a place for eachother…It was stunning !

After Always aired last may I was really confident. I really did believe that season 5 would be wonderful. There was so much things to discover now that those two were finally together, and when we heard during the summer that their love would stay hidden for few episodes I was very excited…It just promised us so much delightful moments

9 months and 23 episodes after, I must admit that I’ve lost a lot of my confidence. All the things I was dying to see on screen this year were rushed or simply eluded. This relationship has felt kinda “off” for me most of the time… And except for Probable Cause and Still, there was not so much highlights at the end.

I’ve seen the promos for Watershed, then the Sneak Peeks, and I really don’t get it…How characters that felt so “true”, how a writing which felt so “organic”, how all of this could have change that much in just one year of time ?

I don’t recognize them anymore, I don’t recognize the show I felt in love with. I’m maybe a minority in this fandom, but for me season 5 has mostly been a huge disappointment. They had beautiful brushes, beautiful colors, and they made a poor painting…

I really hope Watershed will prove me wrong and be a wonderful season final, just like Knockout and Always, because deep down I’m still that fan who was dying between 2 episodes and was sometimes living only for mondays.

But I’m not that confident anymore. I miss those times where I could say “In Marlowe I trust” and actually believe it. 

(Damn I wish they teach us english more properly in France. It’s frustrating sometimes not being able to express exactly what I want to express ><)

Just reblog and then just click on the picture above, then click on play,  then leave the mouse alone, sit back, and enjoy a piece of creative brilliance.





Just reblog and then just click on the picture above, then click on play,  then leave the mouse alone, sit back, and enjoy a piece of creative brilliance.





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Seriously why Luke does not dress him like that on Castle ? He looks so much better and classy *sigh*

On Castle he’s a writer unofficially working with police. There’s literally no reason for him to dress like that. 

Why ? This is a rather classic outfit he wears in this picture isnt it? :) I think it wouldn’t be so weird to see Castle wearing a black sweater and a jacket like this one on the show !

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That may sound weird, but after re-watching Still for like the 7 or 8th time, I think I’m more affected and touched by the “Rick” than I’am by the “I love you”. 

My biggest fear about that crucial moment was that Kate would say it during another life threatening situation. Unfortunately they choosed to deal with it that way…

I guess I would have prefered that we had the opportunity to experience this first “I love you” from her in a less “radical” moment. I was all “agagaga” watching it of course, but a part of me was also a little bit disappointed.

When she called him “Rick” on the contrary it made me shiver.  

Throughout the whole episode she called him Castle, like she always do, keeping a sort of fun and teasing distance between them. That’s his nickname, the way she almost always refered to him until now. She even call him like that when they’re alone at the loft. It’s an affectionate nickname but it also keep some distance between them, like she’s protecting herself in some way. As long as he stays “Castle”, he’s still her fun partner, her friend, her “boyfriend”, but things are not that serious yet.

I think that’s what made that simple word so beautiful. At the most dramatic moment, when he’s leaving for good, when she is completely alone, emotionally naked, she finally let out that simple “Rick” . She no longer speaks to the funny writer, the kid in a man’s body. She talks to the man she loves, with no barriers.

That, for me,  was the strongest and intense moment of this episode. These four simple little letters made my day (and probably my week also). 

Now I just want a simple I love you, without a big danger coming or another life threatening situation…just because she do love him and she wants him to know how important he is for her.